Enhance AI Data Sovereignty with Aleph Alpha and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud



April 11, 2024

Enhance AI Data Sovereignty with Aleph Alpha and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud

Aleph Alpha and Qdrant are on a joint mission to empower the world’s best companies in their AI journey. The launch of Qdrant Hybrid Cloud furthers this effort by ensuring complete data sovereignty and hosting security. This latest collaboration is all about giving enterprise customers complete transparency and sovereignty to make use of AI in their own environment. By using a hybrid cloud vector database, those looking to leverage vector search for the AI applications can now ensure their proprietary and customer data is completely secure.

Aleph Alpha’s state-of-the-art technology, offering unmatched quality and safety, cater perfectly to large-scale business applications and complex scenarios utilized by professionals across fields such as science, law, and security globally. Recognizing that these sophisticated use cases often demand comprehensive data processing capabilities beyond what standalone LLMs can provide, the collaboration between Aleph Alpha and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud introduces a robust platform. This platform empowers customers with full data sovereignty, enabling secure management of highly specific and sensitive information within their own infrastructure.

Together with Aleph Alpha, Qdrant Hybrid Cloud offers an ecosystem where individual components seamlessly integrate with one another. Qdrant’s new Kubernetes-native design coupled with Aleph Alpha’s powerful technology meet the needs of developers who are both prototyping and building production-level apps.

How Aleph Alpha and Qdrant Blend Data Control, Scalability, and European Standards

Building apps with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and Aleph Alpha’s models leverages some common value propositions:

Data Sovereignty: Qdrant Hybrid Cloud is the first vector database that can be deployed anywhere, with complete database isolation, while still providing fully managed cluster management. Furthermore, as the best option for organizations that prioritize data sovereignty, Aleph Alpha offers foundation models which are aimed at serving regional use cases. Together, both products can be leveraged to keep highly specific data safe and isolated.

Scalable Vector Search: Once deployed to a customer’s host of choice, Qdrant Hybrid Cloud provides a fully managed vector database that lets users effortlessly scale the setup through vertical or horizontal scaling. Deployed in highly secure environments, this is a robust setup that is designed to meet the needs of large enterprises, ensuring a full spectrum of solutions for various projects and workloads.

European Origins & Expertise: With a strong presence in the European Union ecosystem, Aleph Alpha is ideally positioned to partner with European-based companies like Qdrant, providing local expertise and infrastructure that aligns with European regulatory standards.

Build a Data-Sovereign AI System With Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and Aleph Alpha’s Models


To get you started, we created a comprehensive tutorial that shows how to build next-gen AI applications with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and Aleph Alpha’s advanced models.

Tutorial: Build a Region-Specific Contract Management System

Learn how to develop an AI system that reads lengthy contracts and gives complex answers based on stored content. This system is completely hosted inside of Germany for GDPR compliance purposes. The tutorial shows how enterprises with a vast number of stored contract documents can leverage AI in a closed environment that doesn’t leave the hosting region, thus ensuring data sovereignty and security.

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Documentation: Deploy Qdrant in a Few Clicks

Our simple Kubernetes-native design lets you deploy Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on your hosting platform of choice in just a few steps. Learn how in our documentation.

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