Qdrant and OVHcloud Bring Vector Search to All Enterprises



April 10, 2024

Qdrant and OVHcloud Bring Vector Search to All Enterprises

With the official release of Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, businesses running their data infrastructure on OVHcloud are now able to deploy a fully managed vector database in their existing OVHcloud environment. We are excited about this partnership, which has been established through the OVHcloud Open Trusted Cloud program, as it is based on our shared understanding of the importance of trust, control, and data privacy in the context of the emerging landscape of enterprise-grade AI applications. As part of this collaboration, we are also providing a detailed use case tutorial on building a recommendation system that demonstrates the benefits of running Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on OVHcloud.

Deploying Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on OVHcloud’s infrastructure represents a significant leap for European businesses invested in AI-driven projects, as this collaboration underscores the commitment to meeting the rigorous requirements for data privacy and control of European startups and enterprises building AI solutions. As businesses are progressing on their AI journey, they require dedicated solutions that allow them to make their data accessible for machine learning and AI projects, without having it leave the company’s security perimeter. Prioritizing data sovereignty, a crucial aspect in today’s digital landscape, will help startups and enterprises accelerate their AI agendas and build even more differentiating AI-enabled applications. The ability of running Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on OVHcloud not only underscores the commitment to innovative, secure AI solutions but also ensures that companies can navigate the complexities of AI and machine learning workloads with the flexibility and security required.

“The partnership between OVHcloud and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud highlights, in the European AI landscape, a strong commitment to innovative and secure AI solutions, empowering startups and organisations to navigate AI complexities confidently. By emphasizing data sovereignty and security, we enable businesses to leverage vector databases securely.“ Yaniv Fdida, Chief Product and Technology Officer, OVHcloud

Qdrant & OVHcloud: High Performance Vector Search With Full Data Control

Through the seamless integration between Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and OVHcloud, developers and businesses are able to deploy the fully managed vector database within their existing OVHcloud setups in minutes, enabling faster, more accurate AI-driven insights.

  • Simple setup: With the seamless “one-click” installation, developers are able to deploy Qdrant’s fully managed vector database to their existing OVHcloud environment.

  • Trust and data sovereignty: Deploying Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on OVHcloud enables developers with vector search that prioritizes data sovereignty, a crucial aspect in today’s AI landscape where data privacy and control are essential. True to its “Sovereign by design” DNA, OVHcloud guarantees that all the data stored are immune to extraterritorial laws and comply with the highest security standards.

  • Open standards and open ecosystem: OVHcloud’s commitment to open standards and an open ecosystem not only facilitates the easy integration of Qdrant Hybrid Cloud with OVHcloud’s AI services and GPU-powered instances but also ensures compatibility with a wide range of external services and applications, enabling seamless data workflows across the modern AI stack.

  • Cost efficient sector search: By leveraging Qdrant’s quantization for efficient data handling and pairing it with OVHcloud’s eco-friendly, water-cooled infrastructure, known for its superior price/performance ratio, this collaboration provides a strong foundation for cost efficient vector search.

Build a RAG-Based System with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and OVHcloud


To show how Qdrant Hybrid Cloud deployed on OVHcloud allows developers to leverage the benefits of an AI use case that is completely run within the existing infrastructure, we put together a comprehensive use case tutorial. This tutorial guides you through creating a recommendation system using collaborative filtering and sparse vectors with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on OVHcloud. It employs the Movielens dataset for practical application, providing insights into building efficient, scalable recommendation engines suitable for developers and data scientists looking to leverage advanced vector search technologies within a secure, GDPR-compliant European cloud infrastructure.

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Setting up Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on OVHcloud is straightforward and quick, thanks to the intuitive integration with Kubernetes. Here’s how:

  • Hybrid Cloud Activation: Log into your Qdrant account and enable ‘Hybrid Cloud’.

  • Cluster Integration: Add your OVHcloud Kubernetes clusters as a Hybrid Cloud Environment in the Hybrid Cloud settings.

  • Effortless Deployment: Use the Qdrant Management Console for easy deployment and management of Qdrant clusters on OVHcloud.

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