Chat with a codebase using Qdrant and N8N

Anush Shetty


January 06, 2024

Chat with a codebase using Qdrant and N8N

n8n (pronounced n-eight-n) helps you connect any app with an API. You can then manipulate its data with little or no code. With the Qdrant node on n8n, you can build AI-powered workflows visually.

Let’s go through the process of building a workflow. We’ll build a chat with a codebase service.


Building the App

Our workflow has two components. Refer to the n8n quick start guide to get acquainted with workflow semantics.

  • A workflow to ingest a GitHub repository into Qdrant
  • A workflow for a chat service with the ingested documents

Workflow 1: GitHub Repository Ingestion into Qdrant

GitHub to Qdrant workflow

For this workflow, we’ll use the following nodes:

Connect the workflow to a manual trigger. Click “Test Workflow” to run it. You should be able to see the progress in real-time as the data is fetched from GitHub, transformed into vectors and loaded into Qdrant.

Workflow 2: Chat Service with Ingested Documents

Chat workflow

The workflow use the following nodes:

Once configured, hit the “Chat” button to initiate the chat interface and begin a conversation with your codebase.

Chat demo

To embed the chat in your applications, consider using the @n8n/chat package. Additionally, N8N supports scheduled workflows and can be triggered by events across various applications.

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