Qdrant Demos and Tutorials

Experience firsthand how Qdrant powers intelligent search, anomaly detection, and personalized recommendations, showcasing the full capabilities of vector search to revolutionize data exploration and insights.

Semantic Search Demo - Startup Search

This demo leverages a pre-trained SentenceTransformer model to perform semantic searches on startup descriptions, transforming them into vectors for the Qdrant engine.

Enter a query to see how neural search compares to traditional full-text search, with the option to toggle neural search on and off for direct comparison.

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Semantic Search and Recommendations Demo - Food Discovery

Explore personalized meal recommendations with our demo, using Delivery Service data. Like or dislike dish photos to refine suggestions based on visual appeal.

Filter options allow for restaurant selections within your delivery area, tailoring your dining experience to your preferences.

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Categorization Demo -
E-Commerce Products

Discover the power of vector databases in e-commerce through our demo. Simply input a product name and watch as our multi-language model intelligently categorizes it. The dots you see represent product clusters, highlighting our system's efficient categorization.

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Code Search Demo -
Explore Qdrant's Codebase

Semantic search isn't just for natural language. By combining results from two models, qdrant is able to locate relevant code snippets down to the exact line.

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Interactive Tutorials

Dive into the capabilities of Qdrant with our hands-on tutorials. Discover various methods to integrate vector search into your applications, enhancing functionality and user experience.

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