Qdrant Cloud on AWS Marketplace


Our AWS Marketplace listing streamlines access to Qdrant for users who rely on Amazon Web Services for hosting and application development. Please note that, while Qdrant’s clusters run on AWS, you will still use the Qdrant Cloud infrastructure.


You don’t need to use a credit card to sign up for Qdrant Cloud. Instead, all billing is processed through the AWS Marketplace and the usage of Qdrant is added to your existing billing for AWS services. It is common for AWS to abstract usage based pricing in the AWS marketplace, as there are too many factors to model when calculating billing from the AWS side.


The payment is carried out via your AWS Account. To get a clearer idea for the pricing structure, please use our Billing Calculator.

How to subscribe

  1. Go to Qdrant’s AWS Marketplace listing.
  2. Click the bright orange button - View purchase options.
  3. On the next screen, under Purchase, click Subscribe.
  4. Up top, on the green banner, click Set up your account. setup

You will be transferred outside of AWS to Qdrant Cloud via your unique AWS Offer ID.

The Billing Details screen will open in Qdrant Cloud Console. Stay in this console if you want to create your first Qdrant Cluster hosted on AWS.

Note: You do not have to return to the AWS Control Panel. All Qdrant infrastructure is provisioned from the Qdrant Cloud Console.

Next steps

Now that you have signed up via AWS Marketplace, please read our instructions to get started:

  1. Learn more about cluster creation and basic config in Qdrant Cloud.

  2. Learn how to authenticate and access your cluster.

  3. Additional open source documentation.

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