End-to-End Code SamplesDescriptionStack
Aleph Alpha SearchBuild a multimodal search that combines text and image data.Qdrant, Aleph Alpha
Mighty Semantic SearchBuild a simple semantic search with an on-demand NLP service.Qdrant, Mighty
Multitenancy with LlamaIndexHandle data coming from multiple users in LlamaIndex.Qdrant, Python, LlamaIndex
Implement custom connector for Cohere RAGBring data stored in Qdrant to Cohere RAGQdrant, Cohere, FastAPI
Chatbot for Interactive LearningBuild a Private RAG Chatbot for Interactive LearningQdrant, Haystack, OpenShift
Information Extraction EngineBuild a Private RAG Information Extraction EngineQdrant, Vultr, DSPy, Ollama
System for Employee OnboardingBuild a RAG System for Employee OnboardingQdrant, Cohere, LangChain
System for Contract ManagementBuild a Region-Specific RAG System for Contract ManagementQdrant, Aleph Alpha, STACKIT
Question-Answering System for Customer SupportBuild a RAG System for AI Customer SupportQdrant, Cohere, Airbyte, AWS
Hybrid Search on PDF DocumentsDevelop a Hybrid Search System for Product PDF ManualsQdrant, LlamaIndex, Jina AI
Blog-Reading RAG ChatbotDevelop a RAG-based Chatbot on Scaleway and with LangChainQdrant, LangChain, GPT-4o
Movie Recommendation SystemBuild a Movie Recommendation System with LlamaIndex and With JinaAIQdrant
Qdrant on DatabricksLearn how to use Qdrant on Databricks using the Spark connectorQdrant, Databricks, Apache Spark
Qdrant with Airflow and AstronomerBuild a semantic querying system using Airflow and AstronomerQdrant, Airflow, Astronomer


Our Notebooks offer complex instructions that are supported with a throrough explanation. Follow along by trying out the code and get the most out of each example.

Intro to Semantic Search and Recommendations SystemsLearn how to get started building semantic search and recommendation systems.Qdrant
Search and Recommend Newspaper ArticlesWork with text data to develop a semantic search and a recommendation engine for news articles.Qdrant
Recommendation System for SongsUse Qdrant to develop a music recommendation engine based on audio embeddings.Qdrant
Image Comparison System for Skin ConditionsUse Qdrant to compare challenging images with labels representing different skin diseases.Qdrant
Question and Answer System with LlamaIndexCombine Qdrant and LlamaIndex to create a self-updating Q&A system.Qdrant, LlamaIndex, Cohere
Extractive QA SystemExtract answers directly from context to generate highly relevant answers.Qdrant
Ecommerce Reverse Image SearchAccept images as search queries to receive semantically appropriate answers.Qdrant
Basic RAGBasic RAG pipeline with Qdrant and OpenAI SDKs.OpenAI, Qdrant, FastEmbed

Data Transfer

Pinecone to Qdrant Data TransferMigrate your vector data from Pinecone to Qdrant.Qdrant, Vector-io