Sample Use Cases

Our Notebooks offer complex instructions that are supported with a throrough explanation. Follow along by trying out the code and get the most out of each example.

Intro to Semantic Search and Recommendations SystemsLearn how to get started building semantic search and recommendation systems.Qdrant
Search and Recommend Newspaper ArticlesWork with text data to develop a semantic search and a recommendation engine for news articles.Qdrant
Recommendation System for SongsUse Qdrant to develop a music recommendation engine based on audio embeddings.Qdrant
Image Comparison System for Skin ConditionsUse Qdrant to compare challenging images with labels representing different skin diseases.Qdrant
Question and Answer System with LlamaIndexCombine Qdrant and LlamaIndex to create a self-updating Q&A system.Qdrant, LlamaIndex, Cohere
Extractive QA SystemExtract answers directly from context to generate highly relevant answers.Qdrant
Ecommerce Reverse Image SearchAccept images as search queries to receive semantically appropriate answers.Qdrant
Basic RAGBasic RAG pipeline with Qdrant and OpenAI SDKsOpenAI, Qdrant, FastEmbed