Bubble is a software development platform that enables anyone to build and launch fully functional web applications without writing code.

You can use the Qdrant Bubble plugin to interface with Qdrant in your workflows.


  1. A Qdrant instance to connect to. You can get a free cloud instance at cloud.qdrant.io.
  2. An account at Bubble.io and an app set up.

Setting up the plugin

Navigate to your app’s workflows. Select "Install more plugins actions".

Install New Plugin

You can now search for the Qdrant plugin and install it. Ensure all the categories are selected to perform a full search.

Qdrant Plugin Search

The Qdrant plugin can now be found in the installed plugins section of your workflow. Enter the API key of your Qdrant instance for authentication.

Qdrant Plugin Home

The plugin provides actions for upserting, searching, updating and deleting points from your Qdrant collection with dynamic and static values from your Bubble workflow.

Further Reading