Apache NiFi

NiFi is a real-time data ingestion platform, which can transfer and manage data transfer between numerous sources and destination systems. It supports many protocols and offers a web-based user interface for developing and monitoring data flows.

NiFi supports ingesting and querying data in Qdrant via its processor modules.


NiFi Qdrant configuration

You can configure Qdrant NiFi processors with your Qdrant credentials, query/upload configurations. The processors offer 2 built-in embedding providers to encode data into vector embeddings - HuggingFace, OpenAI.

Put Qdrant

NiFI Put Qdrant

The Put Qdrant processor can ingest NiFi FlowFile data into a Qdrant collection.

Query Qdrant

NiFI Query Qdrant

The Query Qdrant processor can perform a similarity search across a Qdrant collection and return a FlowFile result.

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