Pipedream is a development platform that allows developers to connect many different applications, data sources, and APIs in order to build automated cross-platform workflows. It also offers code-level control with Node.js, Python, Go, or Bash if required.

You can use the Qdrant app in Pipedream to add vector search capabilities to your workflows.


  1. A Qdrant instance to connect to. You can get a free cloud instance at cloud.qdrant.io.
  2. A Pipedream project to develop your workflows.

Setting Up

Search for the Qdrant app in your workflow apps.

Qdrant Pipedream App

The Qdrant app offers extensible API interface and pre-built actions.

Qdrant App Features

Select any of the actions of the app to set up a connection.

Qdrant Connect Account

Configure connection with the credentials of your Qdrant instance.

Qdrant Connection Credentials

You can verify your credentials using the “Test Connection” button.

Once a connection is set up, you can use the app to build workflows with the 2000+ apps supported by Pipedream.

Further Reading