Solving common errors

Too many files open (OS error 24)

Each collection segment needs some files to be open. At some point you may encounter the following errors in your server log:

Error: Too many files open (OS error 24)

In such a case you may need to increase the limit of the open files. It might be done, for example, while you launch the Docker container:

docker run --ulimit nofile=10000:10000 qdrant/qdrant:latest

The command above will set both soft and hard limits to 10000.

If you are not using Docker, the following command will change the limit for the current user session:

ulimit -n 10000

Please note, the command should be executed before you run Qdrant server.

Can’t open Collections meta Wal

When starting a Qdrant instance as part of a distributed deployment, you may come across an error message similar to this:

Can't open Collections meta Wal: Os { code: 11, kind: WouldBlock, message: "Resource temporarily unavailable" }

It means that Qdrant cannot start because a collection cannot be loaded. Its associated WAL files are currently unavailable, likely because the same files are already being used by another Qdrant instance.

Each node must have their own separate storage directory, volume or mount.

The formed cluster will take care of sharing all data with each node, putting it all in the correct places for you. If using Kubernetes, each node must have their own volume. If using Docker, each node must have their own storage mount or volume. If using Qdrant directly, each node must have their own storage directory.