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Starts with 1GB free cluster, no credit card required.

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Scale your production solutions without deployment and upkeep. Calculate your usage.

1GB free forever cluster. No credit card required.

Fully managed with central cluster management

Multiple cloud providers and regions (AWS, GCP, Azure)

Horizontal & vertical scaling

Central monitoring, log management and alerting

High availability, auto-healing

Backup & disaster recovery

Zero-downtime upgrades

Unlimited users

Standard support plan

Hybrid Cloud

Starting price per hour.

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Bring your own cluster from any cloud provider, on-premise infrastructure, or edge locations and connect them to the managed cloud.

All the benefits of Qdrant Cloud

Security, data isolation, optimal latency

Use the Managed Cloud Central Cluster Management

Standard support plan

Can be upgraded to premium support plan

Private Cloud

Price on request.

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Deploy Qdrant fully on premise for maximum control and data sovereignty.

All the benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Security, data isolation, optimal latency

Use the Managed Cloud Central Cluster Management or run the Central Cluster Management Interface in your own infrastructure, in the cloud, on-premise at the edge, even fully air-gapped

Premium Support Plan

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Deploy Qdrant locally with Docker

Get started with our Quick Start Guide, or our main GitHub repository.

docker pull qdrant/qdrant
docker run -p 6333:6333 qdrant/qdrant