Introducing Qdrant 0.11

Introducing Qdrant 0.11

We are excited to announce the release of Qdrant v0.11, which introduces a number of new features and improvements.


One of the key features in this release is replication support, which allows Qdrant to provide a high availability setup with distributed deployment out of the box. This, combined with sharding, enables you to horizontally scale both the size of your collections and the throughput of your cluster. This means that you can use Qdrant to handle large amounts of data without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Administration API

Another new feature is the administration API, which allows you to disable write operations to the service. This is useful in situations where search availability is more critical than updates, and can help prevent issues like memory usage watermarks from affecting your searches.

We have also added the ability to report indexed payload points in the info API, which allows you to verify that payload values were properly formatted for indexing. In addition, we have introduced a new exact search parameter that allows you to force exact searches of vectors, even if an ANN index is built. This can be useful for validating the accuracy of your HNSW configuration.

Backward compatibility

This release is backward compatible with v0.10.5 storage in single node deployment, but unfortunately, distributed deployment is not compatible with previous versions due to the large number of changes required for the replica set implementation. However, clients are tested for backward compatibility with the v0.10.x service.

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