Pienso & Qdrant: Future Proofing Generative AI for Enterprise-Level Customers

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February 28, 2023

Pienso & Qdrant: Future Proofing Generative AI for Enterprise-Level Customers

The partnership between Pienso and Qdrant is set to revolutionize interactive deep learning, making it practical, efficient, and scalable for global customers. Pienso’s low-code platform provides a streamlined and user-friendly process for deep learning tasks. This exceptional level of convenience is augmented by Qdrant’s scalable and cost-efficient high vector computation capabilities, which enable reliable retrieval of similar vectors from high-dimensional spaces.

Together, Pienso and Qdrant will empower enterprises to harness the full potential of generative AI on a large scale. By combining the technologies of both companies, organizations will be able to train their own large language models and leverage them for downstream tasks that demand data sovereignty and model autonomy. This collaboration will help customers unlock new possibilities and achieve advanced AI-driven solutions. Strengthening LLM Performance

Qdrant enhances the accuracy of large language models (LLMs) by offering an alternative to relying solely on patterns identified during the training phase. By integrating with Qdrant, Pienso will empower customer LLMs with dynamic long-term storage, which will ultimately enable them to generate concrete and factual responses. Qdrant effectively preserves the extensive context windows managed by advanced LLMs, allowing for a broader analysis of the conversation or document at hand. By leveraging this extended context, LLMs can achieve a more comprehensive understanding and produce contextually relevant outputs.

Joint Dedication to Scalability, Efficiency and Reliability

“Every commercial generative AI use case we encounter benefits from faster training and inference, whether mining customer interactions for next best actions or sifting clinical data to speed a therapeutic through trial and patent processes.” - Birago Jones, CEO, Pienso

Pienso chose Qdrant for its exceptional LLM interoperability, recognizing the potential it offers in maximizing the power of large language models and interactive deep learning for large enterprises. Qdrant excels in efficient nearest neighbor search, which is an expensive and computationally demanding task. Our ability to store and search high-dimensional vectors with remarkable performance and precision will offer a significant peace of mind to Pienso’s customers. Through intelligent indexing and partitioning techniques, Qdrant will significantly boost the speed of these searches, accelerating both training and inference processes for users.

Scalability: Preparing for Sustained Growth in Data Volumes

Qdrant’s distributed deployment mode plays a vital role in empowering large enterprises dealing with massive data volumes. It ensures that increasing data volumes do not hinder performance but rather enrich the model’s capabilities, making scalability a seamless process. Moreover, Qdrant is well-suited for Pienso’s enterprise customers as it operates best on bare metal infrastructure, enabling them to maintain complete control over their data sovereignty and autonomous LLM regimes. This ensures that enterprises can maintain their full span of control while leveraging the scalability and performance benefits of Qdrant’s solution.

Efficiency: Maximizing the Customer Value Proposition

Qdrant’s storage efficiency delivers cost savings on hardware while ensuring a responsive system even with extensive data sets. In an independent benchmark stress test, Pienso discovered that Qdrant could efficiently store 128 million documents, consuming a mere 20.4GB of storage and only 1.25GB of memory. This storage efficiency not only minimizes hardware expenses for Pienso’s customers, but also ensures optimal performance, making Qdrant an ideal solution for managing large-scale data with ease and efficiency.

Reliability: Fast Performance in a Secure Environment

Qdrant’s utilization of Rust, coupled with its memmap storage and write-ahead logging, offers users a powerful combination of high-performance operations, robust data protection, and enhanced data safety measures. Our memmap storage feature offers Pienso fast performance comparable to in-memory storage. In the context of machine learning, where rapid data access and retrieval are crucial for training and inference tasks, this capability proves invaluable. Furthermore, our write-ahead logging (WAL), is critical to ensuring changes are logged before being applied to the database. This approach adds additional layers of data safety, further safeguarding the integrity of the stored information.

“We chose Qdrant because it’s fast to query, has a small memory footprint and allows for instantaneous setup of a new vector collection that is going to be queried. Other solutions we evaluated had long bootstrap times and also long collection initialization times {..} This partnership comes at a great time, because it allows Pienso to use Qdrant to its maximum potential, giving our customers a seamless experience while they explore and get meaningful insights about their data.” - Felipe Balduino Cassar, Senior Software Engineer, Pienso

What’s Next?

Pienso and Qdrant are dedicated to jointly develop the most reliable customer offering for the long term. Our partnership will deliver a combination of no-code/low-code interactive deep learning with efficient vector computation engineered for open source models and libraries.

To learn more about how we plan on achieving this, join the founders for a technical fireside chat at 09:30 PST Thursday, 20th July on Discord.

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