Enterprise-Grade Vector Search

The premier vector database for enterprises: flexible deployment options for low latency and state-of-the-art privacy and security features. High performance at billion vector scale.
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Qdrant Enterprise Solutions

Managed Cloud

Qdrant Cloud provides optimal flexibility and offers a suite of features focused on efficient and scalable vector search - fully managed. Available on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

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Managed Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Bring your own Kubernetes clusters from any cloud provider, on-premise infrastructure, or edge locations and connect them to the managed cloud.

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Hybrid Cloud

Private Cloud

Experience maximum control and security by deploying Qdrant in your own infrastructure or edge locations.

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Private Cloud

Enterprises like Bosch use Qdrant for unparalleled performance and massive-scale vector search. “With Qdrant, we found the missing piece to develop our own provider independent multimodal generative AI platform at enterprise scale.”

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Jeremy Teichmann & Daly Singh

Generative AI Expert & Product Owner

Enterprise Benefits


Robust access management, backup options, and disaster recovery.

Cloud System
Data Sovereignty

Keep your sensitive data within your secure premises.


On-premise deployment for lightning-fast, low-latency access.


Reduce memory usage with built-in compression, multitenancy, and offloading data to disk.

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