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Qdrant Cloud provides optimal flexibility and offers a suite of features focused on efficient and scalable vector search - fully managed. Available on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

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Run Anywhere

Available on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure regions globally for deployment flexibility and quick data access.

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Simple Setup and Start Free

Deploying a cluster via the Qdrant Cloud Console takes only a few seconds and scales up as needed.

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Efficient Resource Management

Dramatically reduce memory usage with built-in compression options and offload data to disk.

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Zero-downtime Upgrades

Uninterrupted service during scaling and model updates for continuous operation and deployment flexibility.

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Continuous Backups

Automated, configurable backups for data safety and easy restoration to previous states.

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Discover more about Qdrant by checking out our documentation for details on advanced features and functionalities.

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Enterprise Solutions

For maximal control for production-ready applications Qdrant is available as a Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud (Full On Premise) solution.

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Learn how Qdrant is designed to deliver the fastest and most accurate results and how it compares to alternatives in our benchmarks.


Visit our pricing page for more details on Qdrant’s free tier, managed cloud, and enterprise plans.

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Turn embeddings or neural network encoders into full-fledged applications for matching, searching, recommending, and more.

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