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Benefit from our collaboration with top cloud platforms, state-of-the-art AI embeddings, and dynamic frameworks.

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Qdrant Cloud seamlessly integrates with top cloud platforms and is available on leading marketplaces.

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Qdrant is also available on leading marketplaces

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“With the landscape of AI being complex for most customers, Qdrant's ease of use provides an easy approach for customers' implementation of RAG patterns for Generative AI solutions and additional choices in selecting AI components on Azure.”

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Tara Walker

Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft

Embeddings Integrations

Qdrant’s integrations allow you to bring state-of-the-art AI and machine learning capabilities, and to enrich data analysis and search precision.

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Integrate Qdrant with Cohere's co.embed API and Python SDK.

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Connect Qdrant with Google's Gemini Embedding Model API seamlessly.

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Easily integrate OpenAI embeddings with Qdrant using the official Python SDK.

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Aleph Alpha

Integrate Qdrant with Aleph Alpha's multimodal, multilingual embeddings.

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Easily integrate Qdrant with Jina's embeddings API.

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AWS Bedrock

Utilize AWS Bedrock's embedding models with Qdrant seamlessly.

Qdrant stands out in handling embeddings by consistently achieving the lowest latency, ensuring quicker response times in data retrieval:
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1M-Open-AI-Embeddings 1M-Open-AI-Embeddings


Qdrant supports leading frameworks so you can streamline natural language processing, enhance large-scale data retrieval, integrate diverse data sources,and automate complex tasks.

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Qdrant seamlessly integrates with LangChain for LLM development.

LlamaIndex logo

Qdrant integrates with LlamaIndex for efficient data indexing in LLMs.

Airbyte logo

Qdrant integrates with Airbyte to build robust data pipelines for efficient data management.

Unstructured logo

Qdrant integrates with Unstructured for effective preprocessing and handling of unstructured data.

DocArray logo

Qdrant integrates natively with DocArray for efficient handling and processing of multi-modal data.

AutoGen logo

Qdrant integrates with Autogen to enhance the development of automated LLM applications.

Certified Solution Partners

Qdrant has an ecosystem of solution partners who help you with the implementation and integration of your vector search applications. logo
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Softlandia logo logo
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Softlandia logo logo
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