Elevate Your Data With Airbyte and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud



April 10, 2024

Elevate Your Data With Airbyte and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud

In their mission to support large-scale AI innovation, Airbyte and Qdrant are collaborating on the launch of Qdrant’s new offering - Qdrant Hybrid Cloud. This collaboration allows users to leverage the synergistic capabilities of both Airbyte and Qdrant within a private infrastructure. Qdrant’s new offering represents the first managed vector database that can be deployed in any environment. Businesses optimizing their data infrastructure with Airbyte are now able to host a vector database either on premise, or on a public cloud of their choice - while still reaping the benefits of a managed database product.

This is a major step forward in offering enterprise customers incredible synergy for maximizing the potential of their AI data. Qdrant’s new Kubernetes-native design, coupled with Airbyte’s powerful data ingestion pipelines meet the needs of developers who are both prototyping and building production-level apps. Airbyte simplifies the process of data integration by providing a platform that connects to various sources and destinations effortlessly. Moreover, Qdrant Hybrid Cloud leverages advanced indexing and search capabilities to empower users to explore and analyze their data efficiently.

In a major benefit to Generative AI, businesses can leverage Airbyte’s data replication capabilities to ensure that their data in Qdrant Hybrid Cloud is always up to date. This empowers all users of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) applications with effective analysis and decision-making potential, all based on the latest information. Furthermore, by combining Airbyte’s platform and Qdrant’s hybrid cloud infrastructure, users can optimize their data operations while keeping costs under control via flexible pricing models tailored to individual usage requirements.

“The new Qdrant Hybrid Cloud is an exciting addition that offers peace of mind and flexibility, aligning perfectly with the needs of Airbyte Enterprise users who value the same balance. Being open-source at our core, both Qdrant and Airbyte prioritize giving users the flexibility to build and test locally—a significant advantage for data engineers and AI practitioners. We’re enthusiastic about the Hybrid Cloud launch, as it mirrors our vision of enabling users to confidently transition from local development and local deployments to a managed solution, with both cloud and hybrid cloud deployment options.” AJ Steers, Staff Engineer for AI, Airbyte

Optimizing Your GenAI Data Stack With Airbyte and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud

By integrating Airbyte with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, you can achieve seamless data ingestion from diverse sources into Qdrant’s powerful indexing system. This integration enables you to derive valuable insights from your data. Here are some key advantages:

Effortless Data Integration: Airbyte’s intuitive interface lets you set up data pipelines that extract, transform, and load (ETL) data from various sources into Qdrant. Additionally, Qdrant Hybrid Cloud’s Kubernetes-native architecture means that the destination vector database can now be deployed in a few clicks to any environment. With such flexibility, you can supply even the most advanced RAG applications with optimal data pipelines.

Scalability and Performance: With Airbyte and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, you can scale your data infrastructure according to your needs. Whether you’re dealing with terabytes or petabytes of data, this combination ensures optimal performance and scalability. This is a robust setup that is designed to meet the needs of large enterprises, ensuring a full spectrum of solutions for various projects and workloads.

Powerful Indexing and Search: Qdrant Hybrid Cloud’s architecture combines the scalability of cloud infrastructure with the performance of on-premises indexing. Qdrant’s advanced algorithms enable lightning-fast search and retrieval of data, even across large datasets.

Open-Source Compatibility: Airbyte and Qdrant pride themselves on maintaining a reliable and mature integration that brings peace of mind to those prototyping and deploying large-scale AI solutions. Extensive open-source documentation and code samples help users of all skill levels in leveraging highly advanced features of data ingestion and vector search.

Build a Modern GenAI Application With Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and Airbyte


We put together an end-to-end tutorial to show you how to build a GenAI application with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and Airbyte’s advanced data pipelines.

Tutorial: Build a RAG System to Answer Customer Support Queries

Learn how to set up a private AI service that addresses customer support issues with high accuracy and effectiveness. By leveraging Airbyte’s data pipelines with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, you will create a customer support system that is always synchronized with up-to-date knowledge.

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Documentation: Deploy Qdrant in a Few Clicks

Our simple Kubernetes-native design lets you deploy Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on your hosting platform of choice in just a few steps. Learn how in our documentation.

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