Cutting-Edge GenAI with Jina AI and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud



April 10, 2024

Cutting-Edge GenAI with Jina AI and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud

We’re thrilled to announce the collaboration between Qdrant and Jina AI for the launch of Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, empowering users worldwide to rapidly and securely develop and scale their AI applications. By leveraging Jina AI’s top-tier large language models (LLMs), engineers and scientists can optimize their vector search efforts. Qdrant’s latest Hybrid Cloud solution, designed natively with Kubernetes, seamlessly integrates with Jina AI’s robust embedding models and APIs. This synergy streamlines both prototyping and deployment processes for AI solutions.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is broadly adopted as the go-to Generative AI solution, as it enables powerful and cost-effective chatbots, customer support agents and other forms of semantic search applications. Through Jina AI’s managed service, users gain access to cutting-edge text generation and comprehension capabilities, conveniently accessible through an API. Qdrant Hybrid Cloud effortlessly incorporates Jina AI’s embedding models, facilitating smooth data vectorization and delivering exceptionally precise semantic search functionality.

With Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, users have the flexibility to deploy their vector database in an environment of their choice. By using container-based scalable deployments, global businesses can keep both products deployed in the same hosting architecture. By combining Jina AI’s models with Qdrant’s vector search capabilities, developers can create robust and scalable applications tailored to meet the demands of modern enterprises. This combination allows organizations to build strong and secure Generative AI solutions.

“The collaboration of Qdrant Hybrid Cloud with Jina AI’s embeddings gives every user the tools to craft a perfect search framework with unmatched accuracy and scalability. It’s a partnership that truly pays off!” Nan Wang, CTO, Jina AI

Benefits of Qdrant’s Vector Search With Jina AI Embeddings in Enterprise RAG Scenarios

Building apps with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and Jina AI’s embeddings comes with several key advantages:

Seamless Deployment: Jina AI’s best-in-class embedding APIs can be combined with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud’s Kubernetes-native architecture to deploy flexible and platform-agnostic AI solutions in a few minutes to any environment. This combination is purpose built for both prototyping and scalability, so that users can put together advanced RAG solutions anyplace with minimal effort.

Scalable Vector Search: Once deployed to a customer’s host of choice, Qdrant Hybrid Cloud provides a fully managed vector database that lets users effortlessly scale the setup through vertical or horizontal scaling. Deployed in highly secure environments, this is a robust setup that is designed to meet the needs of large enterprises, ensuring a full spectrum of solutions for various projects and workloads.

Cost Efficiency: By leveraging Jina AI’s scalable and affordable pricing structure and pairing it with Qdrant’s quantization for efficient data handling, this integration offers great value for its cost. Companies who are just getting started with both will have a minimal upfront investment and optimal cost management going forward.

Start Building Gen AI Apps With Jina AI and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud


To get you started, we created a comprehensive tutorial that shows how to build a modern GenAI application with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and Jina AI embeddings.

Tutorial: Hybrid Search for Household Appliance Manuals

Learn how to build an app that retrieves information from PDF user manuals to enhance user experience for companies that sell household appliances. The system will leverage Jina AI embeddings and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud for enhanced generative AI capabilities, while the RAG pipeline will be tied together using the LlamaIndex framework. This example demonstrates how complex tables in PDF documentation can be processed as high quality embeddings with no extra configuration. By introducing Hybrid Search from Qdrant, the RAG functionality is highly accurate.

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Documentation: Deploy Qdrant in a Few Clicks

Our simple Kubernetes-native design lets you deploy Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on your hosting platform of choice in just a few steps. Learn how in our documentation.

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