Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and Scaleway Empower GenAI



April 10, 2024

Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and Scaleway Empower GenAI

In a move to empower the next wave of AI innovation, Qdrant and Scaleway collaborate to introduce Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, a fully managed vector database that can be deployed on existing Scaleway environments. This collaboration is set to democratize access to advanced AI capabilities, enabling developers to easily deploy and scale vector search technologies within Scaleway’s robust and developer-friendly cloud infrastructure. By focusing on the unique needs of startups and the developer community, Qdrant and Scaleway are providing access to intuitive and easy to use tools, making cutting-edge AI more accessible than ever before.

Building on this vision, the integration between Scaleway and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud leverages the strengths of both Qdrant, with its leading open-source vector database, and Scaleway, known for its innovative and scalable cloud solutions. This integration means startups and developers can now harness the power of vector search - essential for AI applications like recommendation systems, image recognition, and natural language processing - within their existing environment without the complexity of maintaining such advanced setups.

“With our partnership with Qdrant, Scaleway reinforces its status as Europe’s leading cloud provider for AI innovation. The integration of Qdrant’s fast and accurate vector database enriches our expanding suite of AI solutions. This means you can build smarter, faster AI projects with us, worry-free about performance and security.” Frédéric BARDOLLE, Lead PM AI @ Scaleway

Developing a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Application with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, Scaleway, and LangChain

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) enhances Large Language Models (LLMs) by integrating vector search to provide precise, context-rich responses. This combination allows LLMs to access and incorporate specific data in real-time, vastly improving the quality of AI-generated content.

RAG applications often rely on sensitive or proprietary internal data, emphasizing the importance of data sovereignty. Running the entire stack within your own environment becomes crucial for maintaining control over this data. Qdrant Hybrid Cloud deployed on Scaleway addresses this need perfectly, offering a secure, scalable platform that respects data sovereignty requirements while leveraging the full potential of RAG for sophisticated AI solutions.


We created a tutorial that guides you through setting up and leveraging Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on Scaleway for a RAG application, providing insights into efficiently managing data within a secure, sovereign framework. It highlights practical steps to integrate vector search with LLMs, optimizing the generation of high-quality, relevant AI content, while ensuring data sovereignty is maintained throughout.

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The Benefits of Running Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on Scaleway

Choosing Qdrant Hybrid Cloud and Scaleway for AI applications offers several key advantages:

  • AI-Focused Resources: Scaleway aims to be the cloud provider of choice for AI companies, offering the resources and infrastructure to power complex AI and machine learning workloads, helping to advance the development and deployment of AI technologies. This paired with Qdrant Hybrid Cloud provides a strong foundational platform for advanced AI applications.

  • Scalable Vector Search: Qdrant Hybrid Cloud provides a fully managed vector database that allows to effortlessly scale the setup through vertical or horizontal scaling. Deployed on Scaleway, this is a robust setup that is designed to meet the needs of businesses at every stage of growth, from startups to large enterprises, ensuring a full spectrum of solutions for various projects and workloads.

  • European Roots and Focus: With a strong presence in Europe and a commitment to supporting the European tech ecosystem, Scaleway is ideally positioned to partner with European-based companies like Qdrant, providing local expertise and infrastructure that aligns with European regulatory standards.

  • Sustainability Commitment: Scaleway leads with an eco-conscious approach, featuring adiabatic data centers that significantly reduce cooling costs and environmental impact. Scaleway prioritizes extending hardware lifecycle beyond industry norms to lessen our ecological footprint.

Get Started in a Few Seconds

Setting up Qdrant Hybrid Cloud on Scaleway is streamlined and quick, thanks to its Kubernetes-native architecture. Follow these simple three steps to launch:

  1. Activate Hybrid Cloud: First, log into your Qdrant Cloud account and select ‘Hybrid Cloud’ to activate.

  2. Integrate Your Clusters: Navigate to the Hybrid Cloud settings and add your Scaleway Kubernetes clusters as a Hybrid Cloud Environment.

  3. Simplified Management: Use the Qdrant Management Console for easy creation and oversight of your Qdrant clusters on Scaleway.

For more comprehensive guidance, our documentation provides step-by-step instructions for deploying Qdrant on Scaleway.

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