Introducing Qdrant Stars: Join Our Ambassador Program!

Sabrina Aquino


May 19, 2024

Introducing Qdrant Stars: Join Our Ambassador Program!

We’re excited to introduce Qdrant Stars, our new ambassador program created to recognize and support Qdrant users making a strong impact in the AI and vector search space.

Whether through innovative content, real-world applications tutorials, educational events, or engaging discussions, they are constantly making vector search more accessible and interesting to explore.

👋 Say hello to the first Qdrant Stars!

Our inaugural Qdrant Stars are a diverse and talented lineup who have shown exceptional dedication to our community. You might recognize some of their names:

Robert Caulk
Robert LinkedIn
Robert Caulk

Robert is working with a team on AskNews to adaptively enrich, index, and report on over 1 million news articles per day. His team maintains an open-source tool geared toward cluster orchestration Flowdapt, which moves data around highly parallelized production environments. This is why Robert and his team rely on Qdrant for low-latency, scalable, hybrid search across dense and sparse vectors in asynchronous environments.

I am interested in brainstorming innovative ways to interact with Qdrant vector databases and building presentations that show the power of coupling Flowdapt with Qdrant for large-scale production GenAI applications. I look forward to networking with Qdrant experts and users so that I can learn from their experience.
Joshua Mo
Josh LinkedIn

Josh is a Rust developer and DevRel Engineer at Shuttle, assisting with user engagement and being a point of contact for first-line information within the community. He's often writing educational content that combines Javascript with Rust and is a coach at Codebar, which is a charity that runs free programming workshops for minority groups within tech.

I am excited about getting access to Qdrant's new features and contributing to the AI community by demonstrating how those features can be leveraged for production environments.
Nicholas Khami
Nick LinkedIn

Nick is a founder and product engineer at Trieve and has been using Qdrant since late 2022. He has a low level understanding of the Qdrant API, especially the Rust client, and knows a lot about how to make the most of Qdrant on an application level.

I'm looking forward to be helping folks use lesser known features to enhance and make their projects better!
Owen Colegrove
Owen LinkedIn
Owen Colegrove

Owen Colegrove is the Co-Founder of SciPhi, making it easy build, deploy, and scale RAG systems using Qdrant vector search tecnology. He has Ph.D. in Physics and was previously a Quantitative Strategist at Citadel and a Researcher at CERN.

I'm excited about working together with Qdrant!
Kameshwara Pavan Kumar Mantha
Pavan LinkedIn
Kameshwara Pavan

Kameshwara Pavan is a expert with 14 years of extensive experience in full stack development, cloud solutions, and AI. Specializing in Generative AI and LLMs. Pavan has established himself as a leader in these cutting-edge domains. He holds a Master's in Data Science and a Master's in Computer Applications, and is currently pursuing his PhD.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge through technical blogging, engaging in technical meetups, and staying active with cycling. I admire the groundbreaking work Qdrant is doing in the industry, and I'm eager to collaborate and learn from the team that drives such exceptional advancements.
Niranjan Akella
Niranjan LinkedIn
Niranjan Akella

Niranjan is an AI/ML Engineer at Genesys who specializes in building and deploying AI models such as LLMs, Diffusion Models, and Vision Models at scale. He actively shares his projects through content creation and is passionate about applied research, developing custom real-time applications that that serve a greater purpose.

I am a scientist by heart and an AI engineer by profession. I'm always armed to take a leap of faith into the impossible to be come the impossible. I'm excited to explore and venture into Qdrant Stars with some support to build a broader community and develop a sense of completeness among like minded people.
Bojan Jakimovski
Bojan LinkedIn
Bojan Jakimovski

Bojan is an Advanced Machine Learning Engineer at Loka currently pursuing a Master’s Degree focused on applying AI in Heathcare. He is specializing in Dedicated Computer Systems, with a passion for various technology fields.

I'm really excited to show the power of the Qdrant as vector database. Especially in some fields where accessing the right data by very fast and efficient way is a must, in fields like Healthcare and Medicine.

We are happy to welcome this group of people who are deeply committed to advancing vector search technology. We look forward to supporting their vision, and helping them make a bigger impact on the community.

You can find and chat with them at our Discord Community.

Why become a Qdrant Star?

There are many ways you can benefit from the Qdrant Star Program. Here are just a few:

Exclusive rewards programs

Celebrate top contributors monthly with special rewards, including exclusive swag and monetary prizes. Quarterly awards for ‘Most Innovative Content’ and ‘Best Tutorial’ offer additional prizes.

Early access to new features

Be the first to explore and write about our latest features and beta products. Participate in product meetings where your ideas and suggestions can directly influence our roadmap.

Conference support

We love seeing our stars on stage! If you’re planning to attend and speak about Qdrant at conferences, we’ve got you covered. Receive presentation templates, mentorship, and educational materials to help deliver standout conference presentations, with travel expenses covered.

Qdrant Certification

End the program as a certified Qdrant ambassador and vector search specialist, with provided training resources and a certification test to showcase your expertise.

What do Qdrant Stars do?

As a Qdrant Star, you’ll share your knowledge with the community through articles, blogs, tutorials, or demos that highlight the power and versatility of vector search technology - in your own creative way. You’ll be a friendly face and a trusted expert in the community, sparking discussions on topics you love and keeping our community active and engaged.

Love organizing events? You’ll have the chance to host meetups, workshops, and other educational gatherings, with all the promotional and logistical support you need to make them a hit. But if large conferences are your thing, we’ll provide the resources and cover your travel expenses so you can focus on delivering an outstanding presentation.

You’ll also have a say in the Qdrant roadmap by giving feedback on new features and participating in product meetings. Qdrant Stars are constantly contributing to the growth and value of the vector search ecosystem.

How to join the Qdrant Stars Program

Are you interested in becoming a Qdrant Star?

We’re on the lookout for individuals who are passionate about vector search technology and looking to make an impact in the AI community.

If you have a strong understanding of vector search technologies, enjoy creating content, speaking at conferences, and actively engage with our community. If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to apply. We look forward to potentially welcoming you as our next Qdrant Star. Apply here!

Share your journey with vector search technologies and how you plan to contribute further.

Nominate a Qdrant Star

Do you know someone who could be our next Qdrant Star? Please submit your nomination through our nomination form, explaining why they’re a great fit. Your recommendation could help us find the next standout ambassador.

Learn More

For detailed information about the program’s benefits, activities, and perks, refer to the Qdrant Stars Handbook.

To connect with current Stars, ask questions, and stay updated on the latest news and events at Qdrant, join our Discord community.

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