QSoC 2024: Announcing Our Interns!

Sabrina Aquino


May 08, 2024

QSoC 2024: Announcing Our Interns!

We are excited to announce the interns selected for the inaugural Qdrant Summer of Code (QSoC) program! After receiving many impressive applications, we have chosen two talented individuals to work on the following projects:

Jishan Bhattacharya: WASM-based Dimension Reduction Visualization

Jishan will be implementing a dimension reduction algorithm in Rust, compiling it to WebAssembly (WASM), and integrating it with the Qdrant Web UI. This project aims to provide a more efficient and smoother visualization experience, enabling the handling of more data points and higher dimensions efficiently.

Celine Hoang: ONNX Cross Encoders in Python

Celine Hoang will focus on porting advanced ranking models—specifically Sentence Transformers, ColBERT, and BGE—to the ONNX (Open Neural Network Exchange) format. This project will enhance Qdrant’s model support, making it more versatile and efficient in handling complex ranking tasks that are critical for applications such as recommendation engines and search functionalities.

We look forward to working with Jishan and Celine over the coming months and are excited to see their contributions to the Qdrant project.

Stay tuned for more updates on the QSoC program and the progress of these projects!

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