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About Qdrant Stars

Qdrant Stars is an exclusive program to the top contributors and evangelists inside the Qdrant community.

These are the experts responsible for leading community discussions, creating high-quality content, and participating in Qdrant’s events and meetups.

Stars program

Everything you need to extend your current reach to be the voice of the developer community and represent Qdrant


You will be equipped with the assets and knowledge to organize and execute successful talks and events. Get access to our content library with slide decks, templates, and more.


Win a certificate and be featured on our website page. Plus, enjoy the distinction of receiving exclusive Qdrant swag.


Benefit from a dedicated travel fund for speaking engagements at developer conferences.

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Get a front-row seat to the future of Qdrant with opportunities to beta-test new releases and access our detailed product roadmap.

Meet our Stars

Robert Caulk Photo
Robert Caulk

Founder of Emergent Methods

Robert is working with a team on to adaptively enrich, index, and report on over 1 million news articles per day

Joshua Mo Photo
Joshua Mo

DevRel at

Hey there! I primarily use Rust and am looking forward to contributing to the Qdrant community!

Nick Khami Photo
Nick Khami

Founder & Product Engineer

Founder and product engineer at Trieve and has been using Qdrant since late 2022

Owen Colegrove Photo
Owen Colegrove

Founder of SciPhi

Physics PhD, Quant @ Citadel and Founder at SciPhi

M K Pavan Kumar Photo
M K Pavan Kumar

Data Scientist and Lead GenAI

A seasoned technology expert with 14 years of experience in full stack development, cloud solutions, & artificial intelligence

Niranjan Akella Photo
Niranjan Akella

Scientist by Heart & AI Engineer

I build & deploy AI models like LLMs, Diffusion Models & Vision Models at scale

Bojan Jakimovski Photo
Bojan Jakimovski

Machine Learning Engineer

I'm really excited to show the power of the Qdrant as vector database

Haydar KULEKCI Photo

Senior Software Engineer

I am a senior software engineer and consultant with over 10 years of experience in data management, processing, and software development.

Nicola Procopio Photo
Nicola Procopio

Senior Data Scientist @ Fincons Group

Nicola, a data scientist and open-source enthusiast since 2009, has used Qdrant since 2023. He developed fastembed for Haystack, vector search for Cheshire Cat A.I., and shares his expertise through articles, tutorials, and talks.

Eduardo Vasquez Photo
Eduardo Vasquez

Data Scientist and MLOps Engineer

I am a Data Scientist and MLOps Engineer exploring generative AI and LLMs, creating YouTube content on RAG workflows and fine-tuning LLMs. I hold an MSc in Statistics and Data Science.

Benito Martin Photo
Benito Martin

Independent Consultant | Data Science, ML and AI Project Implementation | Teacher and Course Content Developer

Over the past year, Benito developed MLOps and LLM projects. Based in Switzerland, Benito continues to advance his skills.

Nirant Kasliwal Photo
Nirant Kasliwal

FastEmbed Creator

I'm a Machine Learning consultant specializing in NLP and Vision systems for early-stage products. I've authored an NLP book recommended by Dr. Andrew Ng to Stanford's CS230 students and maintain FastEmbed at Qdrant for speed.

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