AirbyteData integration platform specialising in ELT pipelines.
AirflowPlatform designed for developing, scheduling, and monitoring batch-oriented workflows.
AutoGenFramework from Microsoft building LLM applications using multiple conversational agents.
BubbleDevelopment platform for application development with a no-code interface
CanopyFramework from Pinecone for building RAG applications using LLMs and knowledge bases.
Cheshire CatFramework to create personalized AI assistants using custom data.
DLTPython library to simplify data loading processes between several sources and destinations.
DocArrayPython library for managing data in multi-modal AI applications.
DocsGPTTool for ingesting documentation sources and enabling conversations and queries.
DSPyFramework for algorithmically optimizing LM prompts and weights.
Fifty-OneToolkit for building high-quality datasets and computer vision models.
FondantFramework for developing datasets, sharing reusable operations and data processing trees.
GenkitFramework to build, deploy, and monitor production-ready AI-powered apps.
HaystackLLM orchestration framework to build customizable, production-ready LLM applications.
LangchainPython framework for building context-aware, reasoning applications using LLMs.
Langchain-GoGo framework for building context-aware, reasoning applications using LLMs.
Langchain4jJava framework for building context-aware, reasoning applications using LLMs.
LlamaIndexA data framework for building LLM applications with modular integrations.
MakeCloud platform to build low-code workflows by integrating various software applications.
MemGPTSystem to build LLM agents with long term memory & custom tools
MindsDBPlatform to deploy, serve, and fine-tune models with numerous data source integrations.
N8NPlatform for node-based, low-code workflow automation.
NiFiData ingestion platform to manage data transfer between different sources and destination systems.
OpenLITPlatform for OpenTelemetry-native Observability & Evals for LLMs and Vector Databases.
OpenLLMetrySet of OpenTelemetry extensions to add Observability for your LLM application.
Pandas-AIPython library to query/visualize your data (CSV, XLSX, PostgreSQL, etc.) in natural language
PipedreamPlatform for connecting apps and developing event-driven automations.
PrivateGPTTool to ask questions about your documents using local LLMs emphasising privacy.
RivetA visual programming environment for building AI agents with LLMs.
Semantic RouterPython library to build a decision-making layer for AI applications using vector search.
SparkA unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing.
Spring AIJava AI framework for building with Spring design principles such as portability and modular design.
TestcontainersSet of frameworks for running containerized dependencies in tests.
txtaiPython library for semantic search, LLM orchestration and language model workflows.
UnstructuredPython library with components for ingesting and pre-processing data from numerous sources.
Vanna AIPython RAG framework for SQL generation and querying.