Create a cluster

This page shows you how to use the Qdrant Cloud Console to create a custom Qdrant Cloud cluster.

Prerequisite: Please make sure you have provided billing information before creating a custom cluster.

  1. Start in the Clusters section of the Cloud Dashboard.
  2. Select Clusters and then click + Create.
  3. A window will open. Enter a cluster Name.
  4. Currently, you can deploy to AWS or GCP. We are developing support for Azure.
  5. Choose your data center region. If you have latency concerns or other topology-related requirements, let us know.
  6. Configure RAM size for each node (1GB to 64GB).

Please read Capacity and Sizing to make the right choice. If you need more capacity per node, let us know.

  1. Choose the number of CPUs per node (0.5 core to 16 cores). The max/min number of CPUs is coupled to the chosen RAM size.
  2. Select the number of nodes you want the cluster to be deployed on.

Each node is automatically attached with a disk space offering enough space for your data if you decide to put the metadata or even the index on the disk storage.

  1. Click Create and wait for your cluster to be provisioned.

Your cluster will be reachable on port 443 and 6333 (Rest) and 6334 (gRPC).


Next steps

You will need to connect to your new Qdrant Cloud cluster. Follow Authentication to create one or more API keys.

Your new cluster is highly available and responsive to your application requirements and resource load. Read more in Cluster Scaling.