N8N is an automation platform that allows you to build flexible workflows focused on deep data integration.

Qdrant is available as a vectorstore node in N8N for building AI-powered functionality within your workflows.


  1. A Qdrant instance to connect to. You can get a free cloud instance at cloud.qdrant.io.
  2. A running N8N instance. You can learn more about using the N8N cloud or self-hosting here.

Setting up the vectorstore

Select the Qdrant vectorstore from the list of nodes in your workflow editor.

Qdrant n8n node

You can now configure the vectorstore node according to your workflow requirements. The configuration options reference can be found here.

Qdrant Config

Create a connection to Qdrant using your instance credentials.

Qdrant Credentials

The vectorstore supports the following operations:

  • Get Many - Get the top-ranked documents for a query.
  • Insert documents - Add documents to the vectorstore.
  • Retrieve documents - Retrieve documents for use with AI nodes.

Further Reading